Custom carved fireplace

Stone carving is a craft where manual dexterity and aesthetics are essential, not mentioning the love for the profession.

Our company has been dealing with stone carving for 22 years, which started with the production of tombstones.

Gyimesi Emil - Svéd Gránit

Custom needs

But thanks to market demands, countless custom-made fireplaces have come out of our hands, thus decorating the homes of our clients. We were born to create, with a combination of meticulous handicraft, professional challange and a unique finished product. It is a pleasure to see when a new fireplace is delivered, “dressing” the apartmant nicely.

It is a pleasure also for us if the client can take over the dreamed piece to his full satisfaction. There are no two identical fireplace, as at us, all products are unique and hadmade, prepared with heart, the material of which can be marble limestone or granite. We consider all products a professional challenge, thus is why the desired fireplace will be unique and udrepeatable.

The first and most important aspect is the taste, need and style of the clients, since the new ornament of the living room will reflect the inner world of the owner.

We provide a guarantee for our complete work…

Optional materials


The most common depth magmatic rock, which is the most common. It is one of the symbols of strengh and hardness in life, as well. After machining, it retains the pettern carved into if forever. As concerns its colur, it is varied, unique and diverse.


Ut us a sediment rock thich is transformed from limestone during 2 million years. Its colour and texture is different, as there are red, grey, white, Carrara and many more variants of it. It is easier to machine than granite. Due to its interesting and appealing surface, as well as its durrability, marble is a very populat metarial.


It is a sedimentary rock, as well. Its density  is extremely variable and polishable only to a certain extent. Depending on the composition of its material, the colour of the limestone is very varied. It is a popular and frequently use type of stone.

Why to choose us?

Quality and reliability

The selection of stone is always done with freat care and attention. We work exclusively with crack-free, instact stibesm because even a single crack can caouse problems with carving the stones! Carvings are atiqued rather than polished.

Choosung the right material and style

One of the main questions is what should be the colour and style of the fireplace? In all cases, we need to look at the site and brightness of the wall and the stone that properly suits them. The fireplace can be made of 1 or even 2 colours, making the finished product even more exciting and unique. For ecample, it can be prepared so that colour 1 is the base ot the fireplace with carving, and colour 2 will be the stone surrounding the fireplace. Harmony is the essential issue!

What is atiquing?

The carved parts are first painted with a darker base colour, and after drying, the lighter colour is applied on it and rubbed. This makes the deepet and shallower tones look better on the carving, so the overall effect will be much nicer and 3 dimensional! If the whole carved part  was polished, the patterns would be visible only from a close distance, and they would be distorted and disappear from a longer distance. We perform carving only manually with manual tools, to make each part of the product unique! Our company produces unique, carved fireplaces and not mass items!